Episode 10

DON’T Say CUÁL ES TU TRABAJO, say THESE 5 Alternatives Instead!

Published on: 30th October, 2022

If you ask a Spanish speaker what their work is, you can say "Cúal es tu trabajo?" and that would be perfectly fine. But nobody really says that in Spanish. If you would like to add some variety to your Spanish and ask this differently, then this video is for you! Learn about 5 alternatives to ask people what they work as in Spanish.

Here are your next steps to learn Spanish with chunks:

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Spring Spanish - Learn Spanish with Chunks
Welcome to the Spring Spanish Learn Spanish with Chunks Podcast! Learn with us the most important basics to have a simple Spanish conversation from scratch.

How? With chunks of Spanish! Chunks are word combinations that native speakers say all the time, so you can be sure that you are saying the right things. Without the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary lists!

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Get our free essential Spanish chunking kit here: https://go.springlanguages.com/free-spanish-training-hm2

In there you will find the most important Spanish chunks that you will need in every conversation!
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